We are Talent Plastics and we work with plastics. We can offer you everything in plastics production, from a first idea, through the design phase to final production based on injection moulding and extrusion of thermoplastics. If you need specialist production or finishing, we have the experience, enthusiasm and professional pride you need to get the best results. We combine expertise and high capacity with the flexibility and quick decision-making of the small business. Get in touch and tell us about the problems and challenges you face working with plastics. We'll turn them into opportunities.

Talent Plastics


Talent Plastics was founded in 1986.
But parts of the business existed before that:

1946 - Talent Plastics Gislaved (Adja) started
1950 - Talent Plastics Bredaryd (Bladhs) started
1964 - Talent Plastics Göteborg (Profilspecialisten) started
1965 - Talent Plastics Alstermo (Arcu) started
1967 - Talent Plastics Herrljunga (Herrljunga Formplast) started
1983 - Talent Plastics Laxå  (Team Form) started
1986 - Talent Plastics formed from Herrljunga factory
1996 - Talent Plastics Tallinn started
1999 - Talent Plastics Bredaryd (Bladhs) starts a tooling unit in China
2000 - Talent Plastics Tartu (NPP) started
2005 - Talent Plastics Tartu acquired
2007 - New factory premises in Tartu
2010 - New corporate structure established.
2010 - Bladhs and Profilspecialisten acquired
2012 - ESD department prepared in Herrljunga

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