With extrusion, we produce complex profiles and products, also with co-extrudering of several layers of material simultaneously and other features. We develop tools and parts to our customers' drawings, but can also take full responsibility in the development, design, test tools, finishing and other verification.

The tools are developed locally with the right touch and expertise craft to reach a final product with a high and consistent quality. Profiles are manufactured in many different materials, from PE, PP, ABS, PC , TPE , PVC for high-grade material PP with 50% glass interference. Everything from cable protections to advanced metal replacement parts are manufactured. We have a unique knowledge of large and complex plastic profiles, and a high material knowledge. We refine the parts to meet customer requirements, with milling, drilling, punching and marking etc. Profiles can also be fitted with other plastic parts or other components. We inkjet, apply adhesive, ultrasonic welding and assembling, many times this is done in automated processes.

Contract production

We produce tubing, profiles and hoses for all possible applications. Plastic solutions that reduce weight and cut costs are now common where once sheet steel, aluminium and rubber were the first choice. We have the expertise and the creative technology to process profiles in-line, which boosts cost-efficiency. For example, our cutting equipment can perform up to 500 cuts per minute!

We can also offer double-extrusion. Through extrusion we can join together, for example, a hard base in one material with a soft seal in another material to form a single profile. It’s also possible to extrude plastic together with aluminum profiles.



Hose guards

Our hose guards are made of slit plastic tubing that “remembers” to wind inwards and hold the hose in the right position. The basic material is polyethylene which is flexible at low temperatures and offers good protection against oil, petrol, etc. Our hose guard range covers diameters from 18.5 mm to 95 mm.

Extrudering plast

Cable tube sections

Our cable tube sections are produced in eco-friendly plastic and will last for several generations at least. They last a long time because they tolerate hot and cold temperatures, chemicals and rough treatment. They’re also easy to assemble, are lightweight and can be installed without tools – just click them together! Straight tubes are joined together in half-sections, or the new system of formable tubes and connectors can be used  instead, which makes installation simpler and produces a complete, interconnected tube system. We produce tubing in a wide variety of sizes, colours and lengths.


Our specialist production involves extrusion of thermoplastic pipes and profiles for a wide variety of applications. We also perform extrusion for assembly in aluminum. Come and discuss your requirements with us and we will start searching for smart extrusion solutions.

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