We are able to manufacture profiles and tubes for every conceivable purpose . Where, sheet metal, aluminum and rubber previously have been obvious to use, there are now plastic solutions that can reduce weight and costs. We have the knowledge and creative techniques for working with profiles " in line" which provides very cost effective solutions. Cutting equipment for up to 500 clips per minute is one example !
We can also offer co extrusion, for example, we can extrude a hard core of a material with a soft seal in a different material in the same profile. Extrusion of plastic with aluminum profiles is also possible.
We are able to produce profiles from a few millimeters to about 500 mm in width.
Cable Cover / Cable Profiles
We manufacture more complex cable cover / cable profiles for Europe's largest cable manufacturers. Often profiles are rolled up on large wooden drums in size up to three meters.

Shareable cable protections / Shutdown Screens / Transport protections

Our shareable cable protections are made of eco- friendly plastic materials and holds quite a long time, several generations we expect. The long life is due to that they can withstand both heat and cold, impact, shock and chemicals. They are also easy to install - they are lightweight and assembled without tools, just snap them together. When jointing straight pipes it’s done by shifted halves, unless the new system of  angled pipes and pipe fitting is used . This solution makes the installation easy and provides a complete, complex piping system. Our pipes are available in many different sizes, colors and lengths.

Special Production

In our special production we work with extrusion of pipes and profiles in thermoplastic for all possible uses. We can also offer extrusion for mounting on aluminum. So feel free to talk to us if you are looking for smart extrusion solutions.


  • 18 extrusions lines
  • 2 lines for plastic coating on aluminium profile
  • 6 co-extrusions lines, a possibly to combine variations of different materials
  • Cutting and milling in-line
  • Inkjet markers in line
  • ISO 9001, AFS 2001:1 certified

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